GOBRA Cancer Awareness Trail Ride - Take Up And Hold The Reins Of Life
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This will be at the ride.
Here is where you can put your ideas in our "BOOT"
So, I am asking for any suggestions to make the ride different as to food, camping, trail whatever.  If you have a theme you would like to see us try let me know and we will check into it.  I don't know how to make the trial any different as I cannot be out there so if you have a suggestion, let me know.    If you cannot make it to the ride, please feel free to email me with your ideas.  We really do appreciate input.
Call me at 503-702-5726.

People ask about how we got started and what we do so I here is a little about us.

GOBRA was started as a way to bring help to families fighting the battle with Cancer.

We all love the horse world so decided to hold a trail ride with the funds going for fuel cards to help cancer families get to and from much needed appointments. 

We expanded to include phone cards so they could keep in contact with their long distance family members, feeling this support was very necessary.

This trail ride, held once a year, brings in, usually, a gross amount of $2,000. 

We started a Care Closet 4 years ago.  This is where we receive donated durable medical equipment and we clean and repair it.  It is then loaned out to those in need who cannot afford to purchase the equipment on their own.  This is usually people who are being released from the hospital and may need a walker or wheelchair for a few weeks to a few months.  When they are done the equipment is returned.  At the Care Closet we also carry a line of briefs for those who need them.

We help an average over 115 people per year through hospice, St. Charles, Seniors and Disabled and Mosaic Medical here in Prineville.  Recipients must have a referral from one of these facilities.

We are looking to start a brief bank at the old hospital here locally after the first of 2018.


Plan to join us this year on Sat. Sept. 16th 
 Cost for everything is $40. per rider.  If you have a group of 5 or more it will be $35. each.
 We can camp and ride Sat and Sun if that is something of interest.  However, if you want to ride Sun you need to bring food for your 4 hooved friend and yourself as we only feed you on Sat.  If you want to ride Sun you are basically on your own.  Any questions, please feel free to ask myself or Joanne. 
We will again have the Crook County Sheriffs Mounted Posse with us this year.  A big thank you to them for riding with us every year.

Also there have been cattle in there all Winter and there are an excess amount of COW PIES all around the water tank.  Watch your step.

 Our meal and after ride activities are also open to non-riders so come for the ride and invite your non-riding friends to join you. They have to eat too. We will also be having our silent auction and raffle.
Our band, The Non-Committals, will be playing for your dancing and listening pleasure.
Again, all proceeds will go local families and to support our GOBRA Care Closet.
Come and help us help others.
We are on a cattle ranch and there are antelope, elk and other critters including wild horses so be prepared. 

We will still have our original trail from the last 3 years.  Remember, you are riding in Oregon so come prepared for sun, rain, sleet, snow, hail, tornados, high winds, haboobs, heat wave...you know...whatever we can offer.
There is water for horses AND us human types too

Two years ago we suspended watermelons in hay-nets in the water tank (see pic)  The horses weren't sure what to think but did quite well.  Great learning tool.  If you have good pic from these rides we would love to have them to post.

We have all kinds of great news for you.
We started something 3 years ago.  We have a GOBRA Care Closet.  This is for Durable Medical Equipment such as, wheel chairs, shower chairs, toilet seat risers, bedside commodes, walkers, etc.  We have quite a list and are taking donations.  We are in need of seated walkers so if you have or know of someone who has one we would love to give it a great home.  We have a trailer in which to house these items and will be cleaning them and then lending them out to those in need.  Our main target areas are Crook County, Paulina, Post and Mitchell.  The people we are wanting to help are those with Cancer, and those on Medicare or Medicaid.  Medicare and Medicaid do not always pay for the items we have so we are stepping up to the plate to help.  If you have any questions or think you can help... OR know anyone who might need help PLEASE feel free to call myself or Joanne Hink and we will have answers for you.  We also have disposable undergarments (not to lend) if you or someone you know needs them.
We are trying to start a Brief Bank in town to supply that need.  If you know anyone who has extras of these, please let them know we can use them.  
Call me at 503-702-5726. 

Michele Youker  541-447-4139
Joanne Hink  541-447-4015

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